BOA Architecture provided architectural design to entirely modernize the City Council Chamber for workplace safety, ADA Compliance and a new Audio-Visual system with latest state-of-the-art technology.  The architectural renovation included the replacement of the City Council Dais, City Clerk’s desk, Director’s desk, presenter’s desk and both public address podiums.  The Dais was re-organized in an oval shape to allow Council to speak directly with the Directors and public directly.  The existing awkwardly placed access ramp was moved to behind a wall to give the Chambers symmetry while maintaining access for the disabled up to the Dais.  Each Dais desk station has internet/intranet access, individual computer screens for voting and to view PowerPoint presentation and access staff reports. Other areas of renovation include new carpeting, new acoustic ceiling with new LED lighting, special broadcast lighting, and sound system.  New acoustical wall diffusers help to mitigate echoing and reverberation. This project incorporated many security components and workplace safety features such as, bullet-resistant panels (under the desk counter) for Council members and staff, and 2 desk stations for public safety officers.  The added protection will allow staff to “duck and cover” in case of danger.  BOA worked intimately with our AV Technology and Information Technology consultant (Triton Technology) to create a hardware and software plan to provide utilities, locate new computer equipment, ambient and broadcast lighting, dedicated computer servers, state-of-the-art new “cube screens” video LED wall, and customized workstations for the City’s broadcast staff.  The same level of attention to the details was given to the retrofit of the locating of fire sprinkler heads and alarm devices.